Welcome to Home Care Solutions, LLC

Our Mission

To be the Private Duty Nursing home care provider of “CHOICE” committed to finding HOME CARE SOLUTIONS and serving the home care needs of our community.

Our Core Values

Are based on the American Nurse’s Association’s Nurse’s Code of Ethics: Beneficence, Non-Maleficence, Veracity, Fidelity, Justice, Autonomy, & Confidentiality

  • Do Good               
  • Do No Harm
  • Be Honest & Truthful
  • Be Loyal & Faithful
  • Be Fair
  • Promote Independence & Self-Determination
  • Maintain Confidentiality & Privacy

Our Goals

To provide high quality, cost effective, safe & competent home care services to clients of all ages


To preserve personal dignity & promote independent living that allows our clientele to “age in place” and thrive in a safe & nurturing environment: (the comforts of home)


To take a proactive leadership role in community health education and awareness in collaboration and partnership with other local businesses


To establish a thriving organization that demonstrates financial growth and promotes personal and professional development